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Human Anatomy, Medical Biology, Histology, History of Medicine, Latin Language, Chemistry, Biophysics, Basics of Law, History of Ukraine, Ukrainian and Foreign Culture


Faculty of General Medicine
Faculty of Pediatrics
Faculty of Dentistry (Stomatology)
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Post Graduate Education
Faculty of Preventive Medicine
Faculty of Nursing

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Ternopil National Medical University

Faculties available :

1. Dentistry (8.110106, training period 5 years)
2. Medicine (8.110101, training period 6 years)
3. Pediatrics (7.110104, training period 6 years)
4. Nursing (5.110102), the period of study is 2 years on the basis of secondary education
5. Pharmacy (5.110201)

Rector Message

The principal objective of our University is training the high professional medical specialists. In order to achieve our goals we have all necessary prerequisites: modern facilities, state-of-the-art medical equipment and computers with the access to the Internet, modern library.

International agreements have been signed enabling our teachers and students to participate in exchange and traineeship programs at higher educational institutions of Europe and America, to participate in international and national scientific conferences.

You are cordially invited to apply to our University. I believe that having graduated from the University you will be able to realize all your plans and potential. We are sure that a doctor of the future is the graduate of I. Ya. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University.
Rector of University      
Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine,
Corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine., Professor
Leonid Ya. Kovalchuk

Our University

Training students in Ternopil Medical Institute began September 1, 1957 pursuant to Resolution todishnoho Government of Ukraine on April 12 of that year, the creation of Ternopoli Medical University. It was the first higher education institution in the city, which was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War i only started pidnimatysya rebuilt. As soon as three days after a government decree arrived in Ternopil appointed director (rector) Medical Institute Ph.D., of surgery P.O.Ohiy (later - MD, Professor) and prof. A.H.Martynyuk, who became provost.

For placement decision Institute of Regional Council was leakage Study two buildings and two dormitories. Clinical base was City Hospital, which also performed the functions of the regional hospital. Began construction of morphological Corps Regional Hospital and another hostel. The institute was be open 19 departments, employing 66 teachers, among them - 1 PhD i 17 candidates of science.

In the first year of existence Institute povyazaly him his life at that time young teachers, researchers, and later doctors, professors K.V.Kovanov, Yu.T.Komorovskyy, A.I.Lokay, I.O.Sytnyk, M . P.Skakun. Among fundatoriv i was assistant of general hygiene, and later - academician of the National Academy of Sciences, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine i many of foreign academies, rector of Kyiv National Medical University Ye.H.Honcharuk.

Komorowski Yuri Teofilovych MD, professor, author of over 200 scientific i teaching works, 2 monographs, prepared 12 doctors i 26 Candidates of Medical Sciences

Kovanov Konstantin V. MD, professor, author of over 200 scientific i teaching works, prepared 1 doctor i 6 Candidates of Medical Sciences

The institute was organized at once three courses, which enrolled 624 students. In the course I took 210 students. In II i III courses enrolled respectively 120 i 224 students, voluntarily transferred with medical institutes in Ukraine, Russia and other republics of the USSR todishnoho. Started kropitka work of the
Academic Council of the Institute, Central methodical commission, departments to establish teaching process, defining strategic directions of scientific work, control by the level of training the students. In 1959 took place the first scientific forum on the basis of the young Institute - exit conference Ukrainian Society patofiziolohiv. Significant events was held in October 1960 VII Plenary Scientific Society surgeons Ukraine.
Successfully deployed the work of student research amateur clubs. Consequently, the Institute has earned a pedagogical, scientific, medicinal, cultural and educational center of the region. He left with negative samodiyalni teams successfully advocated for urban and regional surveys samodiyalnosti art, sports. Unfolded sanitary-educational work of the faculty, which combined with consulting with the public directly on the bases of agriculture dilnychnyh likaren, obstetrical paragraphs and district likaren.

Kovanov Konstantin V. MD, professor, author of over 200 scientific i teaching works, prepared 1 doctor i 6 Candidates of Medical Sciences

1960-1961 academic year uviyshov in history as the year of the Institute of Organizational completion of its formation. It was put into action of morphological case, finished construction of the main clinical base institute - Regional hospital, put into action of regional polikliniku. The institute has already enrolled 1,360 students, funktsionuvalo 30 departments, employing 148 teachers, among them - 7 doctors i 66 candidates of science.
The first issue of 203 doctors with a diploma Ternopil State Medical Institute was held in June 1961 subsequently 8 persons with this issue received the degree of doctor, and 19 - Candidate of Medical Sciences. Here are several examples. I.Chekman became MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Pharmacology of the National Medical University OOBohomolets. He - corresponding member of National
Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, New York Academy of Sciences, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science i Technology of Ukraine. Glorified his Alma Mater i left her ardent patriot prof. V.Antoniv - Head of Department of ENT diseases Moscow University of Friendship peoples. In Moscow he heads the Ukrainian national-cultural society Slavutych. Prof..
D.Seymivskyy today is head of department of child urolohiyi Kiev Research Institute urolohiyi, chief pediatric urologist Health of Ukraine. Prof.. S.Yakymenko - head of department opikovoyi injury i plastic surgery eye Odessa Research Institute of Eye Diseases named after V.P.Filatova. Many new activities in the institute staff zyavylosya in 70-80-years THOSE Despite the severe rehlamentatsiyu lifetime Soviet regime, the process of
further strengthening i increase credibility of the institution, formed many of these traditions, which can not be to lose today. First is the high level of educational process in the institute, self-discipline, fair vymohlyvist to knowledge of students, teachers poshukiv nathnennist research, which helped to strengthen the scientific and
pedagogical potential of high school in the 70's, this outburst of creative enthusiasm of young scientists i realizuvavsya students in the results of the All-Union competition where Ternopil Medical Institute posiv fourth place among the medical universities.

Sytnik Ivan Aleksandrovich MD, professor, author of over 175 scientific i methodology papers, 1 monograph, prepared 4 doctors i 16 Candidates of Medical Sciences

Racehorse Nikolai honored worker of higher school of Ukraine, MD, professor, author of over 450 scientific i educational works, 11 monographs, 8 textbooks i training manuals, prepared eight doctors i 34 Ph.D.

Foregoing materializuvalosya in specific cases. So, for the first 10 years of existence the Institute has increased its material and scientific training base. We construct two dormitories, vivariy of laboratories. On 32 departments have employed 178 teachers, among them - 13 doctors and 82 candidates of science.
Scientific zrilist university also characterized by carrying on its base riznoprofilnyh republican conferences. In 1969 be open preparatory department, which funktsionuvalo to 1992 In 1997 offices reinstated its work to foreign nationals. For healthy students i teachers in the village. Bilche-Golden Borschivskoho district in 1972 built sports and fitness camp Berizka. In 1971, completed construction of the sports hall. In 1989
Preventorium be open. In connection with the construction in 1979 of a powerful regional psyhonevrolohichnoyi Hospital for Nervous Diseases departments and Psychiatry, they created a proper environment for the academic work. Given the possibility recruiters, network i power of clinical bases since 1979 in the institute, besides Proceeding healing, vidkryvayetsya second faculty - postgraduate training doctors.

The Institute shall be open museums Study: Department of Biology, Department of Anatomy person. The latter is considered one of the best anatomichnyh museums in Ukraine. In 1982 he began to act history museum institute. By the 25th anniversary of the Institute comprised into operation new dormitories for 1000 seats. It is possible to completely ensure students sitting room and allocate separate rooms for family students.

For 25 years much zris level faculty, vdoskonalylysya form i methods teaching and research. The institute is currently enrolled more than 2,500 students, doctors, and kursantiv interniv. At 36 departments worked 310 teachers, among them - 27 doctors and 207 candidates of science. One third of teachers of the institute were his students. Significant events was the discovery in 1989 of the Central Research Laboratory.

I under a communist regime part of teachers and students of the institute vidznachalasya nestandartnistyu thinking, courage, thoughts, vminnyam arouse the consciousness of people. In particular, the generation of students 60's remember the good teacher of philosophy V.S.Lisovoho who worked in medinstytuti in the 1962-1966 biennium Zapamyatalysya his lectures and nestandartni instytutski stinhazety, where he was editor.
Later Basil S. Forest was arrested for anti-Soviet activity, he proviv 11 years in prison camps i. In 1998, over 32 years, he came to Ternopil, read for students of II year medakademiyi lecture on philosophy, met the rector, faculty i students. Candidate of philosophical sciences V.Lisovyy - became a manager of the department of history of philosophy Ukrainian Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, professor at the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy.

It should be noted that the following graduates of the institute as Georgy Petruk-Popyk, Stephen Babiy, Anna Kostiv-Goose, who have tried to pen instytutskiy lavi have grown to known Poets, became members of the Writers' Union of Ukraine. Institute Growth Associated with the name of its rectors: Assoc. IIHetmana (worked on this in the post of 1972-1981 years), prof. i.S.Smiyana (led university in the 1981-1997 biennium); prorektoriv: professors Yarosh, O.N.Lyulky, I.V.Shusta, I.O.Sytnyka, V.H.Koveshnikova (later Rector of the
Lugansk Medical University). From the winning independence vidkrylysya new opportunities and impulses for the development of the institute, joining him in MARKET relations, the European Space osvitniy. That separate Milestones changes. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 1, 1992 the
Institute awarded imya outstanding scientist, a full member of the Scientific Society named after Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, a native Ternopilschyny Ivan Yakovlevich Kovalchuk. In 1994, the Institute is accredited by the IV (highest) level. Obtained a license to accept 400 students into medical school.

In 1995, be open for Nursing specialties Nursing (preparation of nurses, nursing bachelors i) i laboratory work (preparation laborantiv-bachelors). A training complex - Medical College-lyceum (now College Galician) Ternopil.

If September 1, 1995 faculty numbered 82 students, then in 1997 - 450. January 30, 1997 Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers Institute received the status of medical academy. In April 1997 Ternopil State Medical Academy named after I.Ya.Horbachevskoho solemnly celebrated the its 40th anniversary. For 16 years the university team led by prof. i.S.Smiyan, who was awarded the title of Honored Employee of
Higher School of Ukraine, he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. In 2003 YEAR corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine elected rector Leonid Kovalchuk Yakumovych. Honored employee of high school was prof. M.P.Skakun. Honorary title Honorary scientist i Technology of Ukraine udostoyeni professors L.Ya.Kovalchuk, M.A.Andreychyn, Ya.I.Fedonyuk, O.O.Markova, 4M.I.Shved, CBHmil, CICmiyan, SN Vadzyuk, S. Shkrobot, V. Bihunyak. The
title of Honorary Professor awarded vynahidnyk Ukraine. O.M.Yedynaku and Assoc. V.V.Demyanenko. Since 1997 the academy operates Specialized pleased with the defense of theses with Specialties Surgery, normal anatomy (Medical and biological science) i Pathologic Physiology (Chairman of the Board - prof. L.Ya.Kovalchuk). In 2004 at the Academy shall be open specialized academic council with the defense of doctoral theses i with specialties Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. In August 1997 Academy of the
head of its graduate - Honored Worker of Science i Technology of Ukraine, prof. L.Ya.Kovalchuk. Assassin's Rector: We must become university high European level. In 1999, the Academy successfully held pereatestatsiyu for confirmation IV level of accreditation. In 2000, the first held a reception in pharmacy department, who started training of provizoriv, and in 2001 enrolled as provizory OF A clinical pharmacists,
and beauticians. Academy in 2000, received the license for training of midwives, feldsheriv, nurses ilaborantiv. Nursing faculty reorganized into the faculty undergraduate i junior medicine, later in 2003 reorganized the medical college. From 1997 on all courses, as well as in clinical ordynaturi, began training foreign nationals from the same they learn on the preparatory viddilenni. We open a new department: Hospital
therapy № 2 Medical Informatics i physics and special equipment, night emergency medicine states, poliklinichnoyi case diagnostics i Medical Informatics Faculty of postgraduate education (on the basis of Rivne regional hospital), Pharmacognosy of Biology and Medical Genetics, physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation i kurortolohiyi, Obstetrics i Gynaecology № 2 Medical Faculty, chemical and pharmaceutical disciplines. Formed highly qualified teaching staff, two thirds of which - Academy graduates, including the
rector, 5 prorektoriv, 3 deans, 29 zaviduvachiv departments. In 2002, the Academy worked 68 doctors of sciences, professors, 265 candidates of sciences, associate professors. The Academy has constantly been among the first medical university in the share of teachers who have degrees. This figure was within the last 3 years 75-85%. Among the 410 teachers academy - 1 corresponding member of AMS of Ukraine, 6 Honoured
Worker of Science Technology i, 2 Honored workers of high school, 2 Honored vynahidnyky, 2 Honored doctors of Ukraine. During the existence of the institution was issued over 13 000 physicians on faculty postgraduate education have advanced studies more than 17,000 specialists. Was carried out comprehensive restructuring of all directions of activity of the university. Primarily a learning process. He
rebuilt with regard to the requirements of world qualifying performance specialists. The priority in scientific activities became scientific direction Osteoporosis in development which involved half of the chairs. From year to year gaining more positive dynamics vynahidnytska work, introduction of scientific developments in the
practice of health care. In particular, created by Professor V.V.Bihunyakom liofilizovani svynyachi ksenodermotransplantaty successfully vykorytovuyutsya for treatment opikiv in all opikovyh centers of Ukraine. To improve i increase the volume TREATMENT-preventive work at the University created advisory healing center. Started reconstruction completion i purchased the case.

Many new zyavylosya in vyhovniy, national-patriotychniy work and spiritual lives. Clearly vidrehulovano system nastavnykiv courses i groups created student government. Worked brass band i choir, dance ensemble, the
ensemble folk instruments, athletic section. KVN team resumed university student theater, created student debate club, art gallery. New Generation Poets grows among teachers i, i among students. Saw world for the collection of teachers poet Lesya Romanchuk, who became a member of the Writers' Union of Ukraine Valery
Diduha, Romance Ladik. Kardynalni changes occur with respect to material and technical bases: i reconstructed in a modern equipped almost all cases. Make repairs in dormitories, a network of student cafe i canteens. In 1998, the newly vidremontovano, equipped i reorganized in sport and recreation base for students furniture former teachers i sports and fitness camp Berizka. In 2001 he was bought new health rehabilitation facility in Cranberry Red picturesque terrain at a distance of 28 km from Ternopil.

Head of the Military Medical Academy (Kyiv) General H.A.Pasko: I would say that the Ternopil Medical Institute forth in front of me. The last time I was here two years ago ... I want to note: your Academy gives
hrandiozne impression. The chief of the department of history of philosophy Ukrainian Institute of Philosophy NAS Ukraine V.S.Lisovyy: I met a manager who is not complaining about nespryyatlyvi circumstances, hardships, and in these circumstances, together with the team successfully makes concrete cases full of optimistic about.

As a result of everyone rating assessment activities in 2000 Academy took third place among the medical universities of Ukraine IV level of accreditation. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 17.11.2004 on the basis of
order MZ of Ukraine from 02.12.2004, the Academy was reorganized in Ternopil State Medical University named after Gorbachev. University staff are not resting on their laurels, and focused its efforts on understanding the new planned rubezhiv in realization of the reform of higher medical education, qualitative training highly qualified specialists for revival Ukraine.

Now part of the University 5 faculties - medical, dental, pharmaceutical, foreign students and postgraduate education that combine 48 departments. On the basis of theoretical departments are 4 educational and
research institutions - morphology, medical biological problems; Pharmacology, hygiene and medical biochemistry behalf MP Skakun, modeling and analysis of pathological processes, clinical departments. Educational and Research Institute of Nursing operates on the basis of theoretical and clinical departments.

The total number of years of university released about 25 000 experts, the post-graduate faculty have training about 40,000 professionals working in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.

General Medicine

General Medicine Duration: 6 years Degree Awarded: MBBS/MD Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


RECONGNISED BY MCI Ukrainian Universities are Recognized By MCI.

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